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With 24 auto-programs, up to 140kg and 15 level inclinations.

"Advance treadmill equipment built to help you stay fit, healthy and active." - Body Expert

"Busy working schedules make it challenging to have the necessary workout."

Mr. Azhar – Corporate worker in Kuala Lumpur

If you’re working a 9-to-5 job, you will usually find yourself with no time for gym visits or outdoor workouts.

To keep yourself fit, you will need a regular workout, which you cannot have due to time constraints and-

- That's not all...

Traffic is no joke

Congestion in urban area can make travelling to gym time-consuming.

Unpredictable Weather

Outdoor workouts is not possible in bad weather.

Time constraint

Time-consuming tasks that take a lot of your time make workouts sometimes not possible.

fitness trainer

We, at Body Expert, aim to help you regain your active lifestyle with our state-of-the-art treadmills.

We aim to provide the best treadmills at the affordable price just for you!

Our treadmills - from advanced users to beginners!

Nova Pro Treadmill

The Nova Pro Treadmill is a multifunctional home-use treadmill suitable for a wide range of fitness enthusiasts. It features 24 auto programs, 5 running modes, a maximum weight support of 140 kg, and 15 levels of inclination for varied workout intensity. It’s foldable for space efficiency and has a non-slip surface for safe use. This treadmill is ideal for people seeking advanced workout options and high-intensity training at home. Get it at RM1,790 (50% OFF)

RM1,790 (65% OFF)


A15M Treadmill

The A15M treadmill offers features suitable for a wide range of users, especially those new to fitness or with moderate exercise needs. It supports up to 120 kg, has a foldable design for space efficiency, and includes a non-slip running surface. The treadmill provides over 12 exercise programs and features five running modes, catering to varied workout preferences. Get it at the price of RM1,690 (35% OFF)

RM1,190 (45% OFF)


Features of Treadmills

5 Running Mode

Built-in 5 running mode to ease your exercise routine which is speed, time, distance, calories and pulse.

24 Auto Programmes

Up to 12 auto progzrammes
to help you in your exercise

Support Up To 140KG

Support all sorts of body
weight suitable for at home

15 Level Inclination​

3 Level Inclinantion helps you
to level up your exercise, its a great way to increase intensity of your workout

Foldable & Space Efficient

Not in used? This treadmill can
be folded to store it easily.

Non Slip Surface

Treadmill provides non-slip
surface for optimum running
experience with up to 400mm
running surfaces.

Elevate your workout routine, stay fit and healthy.

No longer be constrained by your time; workout anytime in the comfort of your home.

With the treadmill from Body Expert, you can achieve this and more.

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